This months repair involves brakes. Or the lack of brakes!

I was recently called out to a customer who had been experiencing a strange a noise when applying the brakes. The noise was described to me has a scraping sound. I drove the car back to the garage, and indeed the brakes where very noisy. Once I removed the front wheels the fault was plain to see. The brakes had worn so low that one of  the brake pads had managed to escape from the brake caliper. 


This is potentionally very dangerous. If the brake pad had managed to escape from the caliper the driver would have experienced total brake failure. Luckily we caught it just in time. To fix the fault we had to replace the brake pads and brake discs.


After stripping and cleaning the hub assembly we can then fit the new brake disc and caliper hanger. With the new brake pads fitted safely into the caliper the car was ready for delivery to the customer.